Tennis Ladder Rules

Here is an explanation of the major rules on the MP Tennis Ladder

1. The higher seed at the time of the challenge has home court. It does not matter who makes the challenge, nor does player movement due to other matches played.

2. Players can challenge others within 20 spots of them, above or below. Players must still be within 20 spots when the match is played and reported. Should players move out of range, the match will be deleted. No exceptions. It is the player’s responsibility to know where they are on the ladder before playing a match.

3. The season is divided into Bump Down periods of two weeks (sometimes three weeks due to holidays). A player must get in at least one match during the Bump Down period. If a player does not play a match, they will be dropped to the bottom of their ladder. Deadline to report scores is 9am on the day of the Bump Down. The date of the next bump down is always posted on the main ladder page after logging in.

4. A match can be defaulted for no-shows or cancelling a match within 24 hours of the scheduled match time. All defaults must be called into MP Tennis at 813-961-8844 for confirmation. Any default reported online will be deleted.
Defaults will not count as a match played toward the current Bump Down for the player being defaulted.

5. Matches must be reported in within 24 hours of completion and in the order played. Matches reported in out of order will be deleted.

6. Matches interupted by weather or other issues must be completed before players can play another match. Players can, by mutual agreement, decide to not complete the match.

7. Injured players can ask to be placed on the injury list. Once able to play, they may challenge up to the spot last held before going on injury. If they win, the re-enter the ladder at that spot. A loss will result in the player re-entering the ladder at the bottom.

Complete MP Tennis Rules

1. Co-ed Singles – Levels: “A” 4.5+, “B” 4.4-3.6, “C” 3.5-
2. Two seasons: Spring and Fall
3. Entry Fee is $25.00/player per season (cash or check only in store) or $30 online at
4. Open sign-ups until end of season
5. End of season tournament to be held for the top players on each Ladder
6. Prizes for tournament winners on each ladder
7. Prizes given for most matches played
8. Number one player at end of season on each Ladder will receive a prize
9. Ladder open to all players over 16 years

1. Best two out of three sets; twelve point tie-breaker at six all
2. Official USTA rules apply to all matches

1. Higher seed when challenge is made has home court. Lower seed brings the balls.
2. Players can challenge within 20 spots, however, they must still be within 20 spots when the match is 
played and reported or the match will not count. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Players are responsible for making sure they 
are well within range before playing matches)
3. Winning challengers take challenged position on the Ladder and the losing player moves down one 
position (including defaults); all other players below will move down one position
4. If higher seed wins, both players remain in same position.
5. A challenged player must offer two reasonable days & times for the match within seven days (unless 
they already have a match scheduled) Inability to play, canceled matches (within 24 hours of 
scheduled time) and no-shows are considered defaults. Defaults must be called in to MP Tennis for confirmation
(defaults reported online will be deleted). Defaults must be called in within 24 hours of the scheduled 
match. Defaults will not count as a match played for the defaulted player.
6. All scores must be reported within 24 hours of the match conclusion.
7. Scores must be entered online or called in by 9am on bump down Mondays to count; scores 
reported after 9am will count towards the next bump down.
8. If any player does not play at least one match (win or lose) during a bump down period, they will be 
dropped to the bottom of their ladder
9. A player must wait at least two weeks from their last match to play the same player and both players 
must play a different player before playing again.
10. A player must play a minimum of 8 matches during the season to be eligible for the playoffs. Playoff draws are determined by the number of players on each ladder, with a maximum of the top 32 players from any ladder making the playoffs.
11. Reporting fraudulent scores will result in player(s) dropping to the bottom of the Ladder. After a 
second incident, a player is removed from the Ladder for the season without refund

1. Players beginning after start date are added to the bottom of Ladder
2. If a player becomes unable to play during the course of the season,  they must go on the injured list. To re-enter the player will challenge no higher than their last held position. If the match is lost, the player will begin at the bottom of ladder. Injured players will be shown on the Ladder standings at the bottom with the word “injury” next to their name
3. Players winning B or C Ladders must play on the next level in following seasons.
Final decision on which level is appropriate is at the discretion of MP Tennis. 
Any player winning the B or C ladder three times will not be allowed to play that level again.
4. In the event of complaints due to a player at an inappropriate level, the director can move a player 
to a more appropriate Ladder level.

Mini Season Rules

***Rules have been updated***

  1. Higher seed at time of challenge has home court.
  2. You can play anyone on the ladder.
  3. Players can refuse a challenge for any reason.
  4. Maximum two matches against the same person.
  5. Players must play another person before playing the same person again.
  6. Player with the most points at the end of the season win.
  7. Point  structure –
– 2 points for playing match
– 5 points for a win
– 1 point for each set won
– 1 point for straight set win
– 2 points to each player for three set match