MP Tennis Ladder

The MP Tennis Ladder is a citywide tennis league, open to men and women of all levels. Players schedule their own matches and can play as often as they want, with a minimum of once every two weeks.
The MP Tennis ladder started in 2000, and has seen over 33,000 matches played in that time. There are two seasons a year (Mar-Aug & Sept-Feb) and there is open sign ups all season, so you can join anytime.
If you are looking for a way to meet other tennis players and play more matches, the MP Tennis Ladder is for you.

To go to the log in/standings page, click “Standings” under the ladder header in the main menu


How the Ladder Works

The MP Tennis Ladder is basically a season long game of “king-of-the-hill”. Players challenge those above them for their spots, while accepting challenges from those below them. At the end of the season, the top players on each ladder will qualify for the single-elimination tournament that is seeded based on each player’s season ending position.
The best thing about the ladder is you can play as much as you want. The only minimums are you must play at least once in every two-week Bump Down period to hold your position, and at least eight matches for the season to be playoff eligible.
Some players have gotten in as many as 100 matches in a season! Most players get around 15-20 matches in the four-and -one-half month season. The MP Tennis Ladder is a great way to play more tennis.

Ladder News

On 2/14, Paul Vincent and Tom Shuga played the 35,000th match in ladder history!
Thanks to all the ladder players who played their part in the MP Tennis Ladder reaching this milestone.

Congratulations to Season 38 Champions

A Ladder – Mike Wong
B Ladder – Ruben Paliz JR

Congratulations to the Regular Season #1’s

A Ladder – Chad Rebuck
B Ladder – Ruben Paliz JR

Players finishing the regular season at #1 win a set or Wilson or Luxilon strings.

Season 39 Warrior Award

Each season, the Warrior Award is given to the player with the most matches played during the regular season.
The player with the most matches overall on all ladders wins a pair of shoes from Wilson.
The player on the other ladders with the most played wins a set of strings from Wilson/Luxilon.

Standings as of 5/13/19

  1. Dave Hendry – 31 (B)
  2. Steve Myers – 22 (B)
  3. Lakshmana Rajendran – 18 (B)
  4. John Hendershot – 18 (B)
  5. Tom Shuga – 17 (B)

A Ladder leader – Chad Renbuck – 15


Congratulations to the following players on hitting an all-time milestone on the MP Tennis Ladder during the current season.


Tom Shuga – 350
Steve Myers – 300
Rich Cooperwasser – 300
Andrew Garcia – 150
Joe Baranska – 150
Michael Rossi – 150


Dave Hendry – 950
William Murray – 600
Tom Shuga – 550
Chris Hollinsworth – 500
Bryan Scofield – 450
Ray Eckstein – 400
Scott Fullerton – 350
Doug Anacreonte – 300
Nadesh Ramroop – 250
Dennis Garcia – 150
Craig MacDougal – 100
Carmello Devalle – 100