Ladder News

MP Tennis Ladder Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Congratulations to John Hendershot and David Hendry on becoming the newest members of the MP Ladder Hall of Fame.

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1,000 Matches!

Congratulations to John Hendershot on becoming the 4th player all-time to play 1,000 matches on the MP Tennis Ladder.

1,000 Matches!

Congratulations to Dave Hendry on becoming the third player all-time to play 1,000 matches on the MP Tennis Ladder.

Season 39 Champions

Congratulations to Season 39 Champions of the MP Tennis Ladder (click ladders below to see all playoff results)

A LadderRuben Paliz Jr def. Eric Mercer 6-1,6-0
B LadderBill Calafiura def. Goron Alimpic 6-1,6-3

Season 39 Regular Season #1’s

Congratulations to the players who finished the regular season at #1. They receive a set of Wilson or Luxilon strings for their effort.

A Ladder – Mike Wong
B Ladder – Tom Shuga

Season 40 Warrior Award

Each season, the Warrior Award is given to the player with the most matches played during the regular season.
The player with the most matches overall on all ladders wins a pair of shoes from Wilson.
The player on the other ladder with the most played wins a set of strings from Wilson/Luxilon.

Overall Standings (as of 11/4)

1. Dave Hendry – 38 (B)
2. Anna Fotopoulos – 27 (B)
3. John Redcay – 24 (B)
4. Tom Shuga – 23 (B)
5. Debi Prasad Rath – 18 (B)

A Ladder Leader – Omar Abdelghany – 17


Congratulations to the following players on hitting an all-time milestone on the MP Tennis Ladder during the current season.


William Murray – 250
Quentin Nguyen – 100


John Redcay – 2,200 (all-time leader)
Dave Hendry – 1,000 (3rd all-time)
John Hendershot – 1,000 (4th all-time)

Dan Cappolino – 750
Steve Myers – 750
Steve Koehler – 700
Max Abellana – 450
Chris Jargo – 300
Michael Rossi – 250
Anna Fotopoulos – 250
Bob Murdock – 200
Andrew Smith – 150
Hari Nair – 100
Greg Phillips – 100
Lakshmana Rajendran – 100
Alfonso Calotes – 100
Brandon Dawson – 100