Thanks for joining the MP Tennis Ladder

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing to do is go to our rules page. This will answer many questions and let you know how the MP Ladder works.

The basics are like this. You call, text, or email the person you wish to challenge (within 20 spots above or below) and set up a match date, time, and location. Then one of you (it doesn’t matter which) will hit the challenge button on TennisRungs and the other will accept it, locking the match in. Play the match, then report the score online. When the score is posted, the TennisRungs program will make any rankings adjustments, then you can find another person to play. Basically, it is a season-long king-of-the-hill, with players trying to move up the ladder. At the end of the season the top players will make a singe-elimination playoff to decide the ladder champion.

How Does it Work?

Here is a video that will explain the basics of the challenge protocol.

The rules page has more detailed explanations on challenging others, bump-downs, and more.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the store or email us at

Complete Ladder Rules

CLICK HERE to view the complete MP Tennis rules