We carry a full selection of rackets from top brands like Wilson, Head, Babolat, and  Yonex. With so many to choose from, our Demo Program lets you try before you buy so you’ll know you have the right one for your game.

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MP Tennis Demo Program

Try before you buy with our demo program.
It’s very simple. You can take two at a time and keep them for a week. You bring them back and try new ones. We’ll help guide you through the process, helping you narrow your search to the ones that are best for your game. When you find the right one, the $25 demo fee is subtracted from the price.

Wilson Clash now available in 100L, 108 & 98

New Models of the Wilson Clash

  • The Clash 98 has a smaller head size for even more control.
  • The Clash 100L is lighter than the Clash 100 fo players who want the feel and control of Clash in an easier to swing version.
  • The Clash 108’s larger headsize gives players a more forgiving racket with a larger sweet spot and more power.
The new Head Radicals are now available

The new Head Radicals feature Graphene 360 technology which provides more stability and energy transfer from racket to ball for maximum power.

In addition to the technology, the new Radicals have a great new look and make a good option for all player types and styles.

The Radicals are available in the Radical MP, the heavier Radial Pro, the lighter Radical S and the Radical PWR for players who want an even lighter, more powerful racket.

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