How to Join the MP Tennis Ladder

Online registration for the MP Tennis Ladder is $30. After signing up, you will receive an email with your ID and password by the end of the next business day. This will allow you to view standings, player contact info and report scores.

  • Stop by our Dale Mabry store. While there, you will get instructions on how to go about getting an ID and password so that you can go online to view standings, report scores and get contact information on the other players on your ladder. The cost to join at our store is $25.

The MP Tennis Ladder is a city-wide (Tampa/Hillsborough) tennis league with two seasons per year. The spring season runs March-August and the fall season from September-February. Included in your entry fee is not only a full season on the ladder, but also the Mini Season, a for-fun, off season way to get even more tennis matches.

If you need more information on the ladder, call us at 813-961-8844

Join the MP Tennis Ladder

44th Season – Fall/Winter 2021-22

This is for the Fall/Winter season, starting on September 7th.

Sign up now and start playing in our off-season league on July 21st, included with your registration!

Choose the level ladder you wish to play, enter the phone number you wish other players to contact you at, then hit “Buy Now”.
(Levels – A Ladder 4.5+; B Ladder 4.5-
All ladders are co-ed)

Follow the instructions to submit your payment.

For new players…You will receive an email before the off-season league starts on 7/21 with all of the information you will need to start playing.

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