Mini Season

The Mini Season is a for-fun, off-season league that is included when you join the MP Tennis Ladder regular season. The next Mini Season will start at the conclusion of the regular season.

The rules for the Mini Season rules are:

  1. Higher seed at time of challenge has home court.
  2. You can play anyone on the ladder.
  3. Players must call, text or email potential opponents to set up matches before issuing the challenge online.
  4. Players can refuse a challenge for any reason.
  5. Maximum two matches against the same person.
  6. Player with the most points at the end of the season wins.
  7. Defaults only given for no-show or cancellation. All defaults must be called in for confirmation.
  8. Point  structure –
– 5 points for a win
– 1 point for a loss

Winter 2022 Final Standings

#1Tom Shuga13-368
#2Debi Prasad Rath12-363
#3Lakshmana Rajendran6-535
#4Brian Greco5-530
#5Marco Tapia5-227
#6Vinith Vunnam4-525
#7Mike LeBlanc4-323
#8Jun Calotes3-217
#8Dave Hendry2-717
#8William Murray3-217
#8Mason Hubsher3-217
#8Craig MacDougal3-217